Spent, you roll yourself from on top of her to beside her. You lay together on the bed, both of you breathing heavily. A minute later, once you’re sure your heart won’t explode, you turn and look at her. She’s looking at you as well; her lips that were locked with yours a bit earlier are curved in a smile. A few strands of hair fall loosely across the side of her face, she brushes them away with her hand as she props herself up on one arm.

Her body turns towards you, you admire it once again. You’ve traveled the length and breadth of her numerous times, you’ve been up close and personal with her smoothness and softness on more occasions than you can remember, but her beauty still holds you in awe. She’s not perfect, but then, you don’t want her to be. You like her just the way she is: Real. Her breasts, though, are so perfect, they’re almost unreal. But you know they’re as real as they’re proudly firm and perfectly round. No sag at all, you tell yourself as she moves herself closer to you.

“That was great, wasn’t it?” She asks.

“It always is,” you reply.

“Hahaha! You’ve always been good with words…always saying the right things.”

“And I always mean what I say, especially with you,” you smile.

You touch her face as she leans down to kiss you. Your lips don’t meet as passionately and urgently as they had some time back, but this time, the kiss is more about love than lust.

“Guess I’ll get dressed now, the dinner’s not going to cook itself,” she says, sitting up on the bed.

“Wait,” you reach out for her hand to stop her, “I’ve an idea, let’s try something different.”

“Now? Can’t we do it later…maybe after dinner? I’m hungry.”

“No…what I have in mind is something we can do only now.”

“What’re you talking about?”

“Let’s dress each other up.”

“Huh?” She asks, raising her brows.

“You know how we undress each other before sex? Let’s do the opposite of that and dress each other up now, after we have had sex,” you explain.

She looks at you with questioning eyes. She seems confused, but she’s smiling a bit. “Okay,” she shrugs.

You take her hand and guide her off the bed with yourself. The two of you look at the articles of clothing strewn all over the floor and laugh. You’re unsure about where to begin, and then you notice her yellow knickers. If that came out last, it has to get on first, you decide. You take her panties and kneel down before her. With her most private part right before your eyes, you momentarily forget about what you were doing. You can see her wetness, you inhale in her arousal. You feel the need to touch her, get closer and lick her, but your reverie is broken when she places her hands on your shoulders and raises a leg. You open out her knickers, she guides both of her legs through it and you raise it over her hips.

She smiles and goes down on her knees before you. You look down at her, in a position that she’s been in before, albeit for a different reason. You wonder if she’ll notice you’re semi-hard. Putting on her panties had got you excited, and you feel your manhood twitch in arousal as you look down at her. You notice that she isn’t looking up at you anymore; she seems to be looking at what’s in front of her. You feel your manhood rising under her gaze. You can see your underpants in her hands, but you don’t want her to put them on for you. And she doesn’t. You let out a sigh as her hand circles around your throbbing member.

Sometime later, you lie down on the bed once again and pick up your phone to order in some food.