[fiction] Just Out of Curiosity

“Come on; don’t tell me you're shy.” “I’m not shy, okay…but here? Now?” Yashika looked at Ayaan and sighed. “Why not here?” she asked. “Why’re you so scared?” “I’m not scared,” Ayaan said. “But what if someone comes in and sees us?” “No one will come in,” Yashika replied. “They know we’re studying and no… Continue reading [fiction] Just Out of Curiosity


[fiction] Outside The Trial Rooms

“Come on, get up! We’re going shopping,” my wife declared.“Umm, huh? What?” I somehow managed.“Come on,” she continued, pulling the bed covers off me. “I just talked to Yesha; we’ve been invited to a cocktail dinner tonight.”“So?” I asked, trying to make sense of my suddenly hazy world.“So? What do you mean so?” She asked.… Continue reading [fiction] Outside The Trial Rooms