(This column was first published on Value Research India.)

  1. Begin investing, no matter how small the amount
  2. Invest, not just save, but to help yourself beat inflation
  3. Brush your teeth twice a day to make sure your dentist earns less than you do
  4. Set goals and objectives, have a different investment portfolio for each one of them
  5. Rebalance your assets periodically, move from equity to debt as you get closer to your goals
  6. Play the change in the interest rate cycle by investing in dynamic bond funds for the next 2-3 years
  7. Shower more often, even if it means lesser profits for the deodorant industry
  8. Invest systematically for the long-term to benefit from the power of compounding
  9. Be kind and generous, gift your best friend subscriptions of Mutual Fund Insight and Wealth Insight
  10. Don’t judge anyone, everyone has their stories and reasons that you wouldn’t know about
  11. Invest in ELSS funds for tax breaks, tax-free gains and long-term wealth
  12. Opt for the diversification, convenience and tax efficiency of equity mutual funds
  13. Begin with balanced funds
  14. Eat healthy, sleep well, workout regularly, laugh boisterously
  15. Don’t frown when your better half takes the 57th selfie of the same type
  16. Have a certain part of your portfolio in equities, no matter what your age, to help you protect the worth of your capital over time
  17. Diversify across not only sectors and capitalisations, but across geographies and economies as well
  18. Appreciate, respect and encourage a lot more
  19. Shun sectoral and thematic funds
  20. Avoid ULIPs, fulfil your insurance needs with a low-cost term cover
  21. Make sure you have adequate life and health insurance as well as an emergency fund before dabbling in equities
  22. Spend less time in front of gadgets and more time in front of real people
  23. Do fewer tasks but do all of them to a tee
  24. Opt for the direct plans of mutual funds if you can, lower expenses means higher returns
  25. Spend more time with your children, even though they might not remember it when they grow up
  26. Don’t chase recent performance, choose funds with a long and credible history
  27. Buy gold only if you need to consume it, don’t treat it as a long-term investment
  28. Take a picture of your friend holding up the book you lend them, it’s important to have proof for future reference
  29. Timing the market is never fruitful, investing in lump sum should be a big no-no
  30. Don’t let the market’s ups and downs influence your long-term investments