While there are numerous theories about the origin of the term, it is slightly unfair to bears that a crashing stock market is termed as a “bear phase”. Bears are good animals, especially when they are stuffed and sitting on your bed, but probably not when you meet them in the middle of a dense jungle. Nevertheless, they are synonymous with crashing stock prices. Much the way bulls are with rising stock prices.

Anyone who’s invested, or not, would know what a bull market and bear market mean. Hence, the name Bulls & Bears for our webcomics.

All of us love comics, don’t we? Comics are a fun way to look at life from a different perspective. Bulls & Bears will try to help you look at investments in a newer way and make a better investor out of you.

There’s box and there’s circle. Circle keeps running around in circles (duh!) and box acts like the voice of reason. All in good humour.

These comics were first published on Making Smalltalk.