It’s true. I turn 40 today. I know, I don’t look 40. Thankfully, I don’t feel 40 either. 

But I have to tell you, it’s not easy looking and feeling 20 at the age of 40. It’s hard work, but of course, well worth it. It required me to do a lot of research, run numerous tests and subject myself to endless trials (and tribulations). But all of these experiments have borne fruit. 

I have the perfect recipe that has helped me transcend age. It’s not a magic pill or vaporizing potion. It is a recipe that will require some work. So, are you ready for it? Are you even reading this? Why haven’t you already scrolled down to the recipe? Arey, scroll down!

Here it is. The ingredients of the remarkable recipe that allows me to look 20 at 40.

A lot of water

Beauty is within ourselves, isn’t it? It is. In our cells. As we age, the water-level in our body tends to go down. It starts at around 78% when we are born and it’s probably at 55% to 60% in adults. Two-thirds of this water resides in our cells. And the cells are the ones who are fighting diseases, keeping your skin fresh and glowing, relieving fatigue, and what not! So, if the cells don’t get enough water, you age quicker. 

7 hours of sleep

Sleep is like a reset button for our bodies. Lack of sleep leads to greater stress. And stress leads to literally every kind of illness – mental and physical. But what’s important for this discussion is that stress also speeds up our aging process. It’ll cause wrinkles, break down your skin, give you droopy eyes, and more. You don’t want to find out what more, right? Then do what I do – get at least 7 hours of sleep.

Tons of unhealthy food

I eat a lot of sweets, chocolates, greasy and fried foods. Of course, the regular jonk like pizza, breads, chips, cookies, etc. There’s always a bottle of some fizzy drink in my fridge that I’ll randomly go and take a swig of. All of these unhealthy foods lead to acne and what is more synonymous with teenagers if not pimples! Getting pimples is the most fun and easiest way of looking young.

An hour of exercise

Every morning I do the 7-minute workout. It’s a series of quick exercises performed at high intensity. This workout is scientifically proven as well. Then, later in the evening, I go for a 40-minute walk. The 7-minute workout actually takes around 11 minutes to complete, which means I exercise for roughly about an hour every day. And it’s no secret that regular exercise helps us age slowly and live healthier. 

Regular bouts of anxiety

I get anxious about the most unreasonable things. My mind will go into overdrive and the never-ending loop of overthinking. But over time, I have learned to recognise the onset of anxiety and turn it into actions. Anxious thoughts stop me from being complacent. Worrying keeps me on my toes and anxiety-fueled eustress (good stress) keeps me motivated and alive. 

So there you have it. My killer anti-aging recipe. If you feel there’s something off about this recipe, I would recommend taking it with a pinch of salt, because unnecessarily getting offended by things can also lead to quicker aging. 

Bonus section: Things I’ve learned

It can’t be a landmark birthday without enlightening the world with what I’ve learned over the past four decades, can it? 

Well, here are my life lessons for you:

  • Don’t be a cliché: Try doing things differently, especially if it means not fitting in
  • Nothing is forever: Not relationships, not friendships, not jobs. Let go and move on
  • Have fun: It’s the only reason to do anything
  • Ask for what you want: You’ll be surprised at how powerful asking can be
  • Daydream: It fuels creativity and lets your brain take a break
  • Recognise your privileges: You’re in the top 1% of the population if you’re reading this. Don’t take what you have for granted