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To say that hiring for content marketing roles is difficult is a cliche. But it’s true.

Most startups and larger companies don’t know where to start when they have content marketing roles to fill. It’s a bigger struggle if it’s going to be the company’s first content hire.

I’ve myself struggled with hiring content writers and content marketers. And it’s something I think I can fix and help others with.

The problem with content hiring

  • Companies don’t know the where, how and what to look for
  • Content writers don’t always have the skill sets that companies need

The solution to content hiring

  • Hire content writers and marketers from a pool of candidates I’ve mentored

How this works:

  • Content writers express interest to join my database
  • I vet their profile and provide them with guides on content marketing created by me
  • They study the guides and carry out the assignments I give
  • I review their assignments & give them feedback till I’m satisfied with their work
  • They are then moved into a talent pool that companies can hire from

Companies don’t have to bother about searching, shortlisting and vetting candidates, while candidates acquire the skills required to be great content marketers. It’s a win-win.

A little about me

I’ve 15 years of experience as a writer, having worked with ad agencies, publications and startups. For the past 6 years, I’ve led the content marketing efforts for startups like clearTax, smallcase, Razorpay and Paytm.

I’ve first-hand experience of using content marketing to scale business goals and have studied how brands have benefited by content marketing. I know what works and what doesn’t. 

Here’s a link to my LinkedIn profile.

What my guides will help content folks learn

Guide 1: Strategizing 

  • How to identify your target audience
  • How to come up with content ideas
  • What are the different types of content
  • How to plan a content calendar
  • How to set up a content team
  • How to set up a content property

Guide 2: Creating 

  • How to write a blog or article
  • How to add depth to your content
  • The USPs of good content
  • How to write short-form copy
  • How to take a proper brief

Guide 3: Distributing 

  • How to optimise for organic reach
  • How to use social media for distribution
  • How to use groups, communities and forums
  • How to use newsletters and emails for distribution
  • How to repurpose content

Guide 4: Measuring 

  • How to set up content goals
  • Which performance metrics to track and why
  • How to use Google Analytics to measure performance

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